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We have prepared a list of exciting and relaxing activities for you. Have Fun!

Walking tours and interesting sights

Cala Luna (Moon beach)

There are three ways of getting there:

  1. By boat from Cala Gonone. During the holiday season boats depart approximately every half hour. The journey usually includes a stopover at the ‘Grotta del Bue Marino’, an intriguing and magnificent limestone cave that is only accessible by sea.
  2. On foot from Cala Fuili. Drive to Cala Fuili from Cala Gonone heading south on the coastal road. There you go down some steps and walk across the valley. On this side a signpost points to a footpath which takes you back up to the top. Follow this footpath for about 1½ hours until you reach the Cala Luna.
  3. From Teletottes through the Codula Luna to the Cala Luna. This route is very challenging and should only be considered by very fit and experienced trekkers.


The nearby Monte Tuttavista, 805 m above sea level, is well worth an excursion. The easiest route is by car via Galtelli because it is well signposted. It is of course possible to climb part of the way up the mountain through the beautiful and shady pine forest. From the top one has a spectacular panoramic view of the island’s interior, the sea, the coastline and the Gulf of Orosei.

Su Gorropu & Flumineddu

River and Gorge trips, i.e. ‘Flumineddu’ and ‘Su Gorropu’, are ideal day trips.

Die Quelle „su Gologone“

The natural spring ‘su Gologone’ near Oliena, situated in a beautiful park, is also worth a visit. Moreover you can treat yourself to an excellent meal at the same named restaurant.

SS125 – Orientale Sarda

For enthusiastic mountain climbers or bikers we recommend a trip along the country road SS125 (direction Sarda) over the mountain pass Genna-Silena (1017m) which is situated between the scenic villages of Dorgali and Baunei. This very bendy road was once hewn out of the rocks by Piemontese coal merchants and later improved so that today visitors can enjoy breathtaking views from numerous viewing points.
From the top of the Silana-Pass the panoramic view of the mountains of Sardinia is awe-inspiring. Not far from here is the well known Gorropu Gorge. It is the deepest gorge in Europe due to its high, narrow and vertical walls that reach 200 metres in height. This area is also ideal for exploring the cliffs around Cala Gonone, on foot or by boat. Here you will also find the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, i.e. Cala Coloritze and Cala Luna.

Beaches in Orosei

Marina di Orosei

Drive to the end of Via del Mare (1.5km). There are places to park all along the beach right up to the harbour. The beach is 12km long and magnificent. There are no trees here (do bring a sunshade!). There are two cafés, one of them situated directly by the sea (to the right) where snacks can also be bought. A volleyball net is available here.


Turn left at the junction (where the Via del Mare starts), then straight ahead for about 4 km (past the Municipio) following the sign to Osala (do not turn right towards Dorgali). You can stop at the bar Su Petrosu where it is possible to eat, or you can drive on until you see cars parked on the left. Here is a new bar where food is also served. This time park on the right after passing the bar and walk over the bridge. Here is a beautiful pine beach! You can of course decide to drive to the end of the road where you find various bays and beaches which are ideal for fishing. The view from the nuraghic village Osala onto the nearby coast is spectacular.

Su Barone

Here in this coastal pine forest it is possible to park one’s car directly on the beach. It is ideal for whole-day excursions on very hot days. Remember to bring your hammocks! (Please do not park in areas where the sand is very deep). Directions: Pass the ‘Rifugio’ and drive towards the sea. Turn right after 500 metres and follow the road signs. After about 1 km turn left after the bridge. This is a bumpy road and leads over a pond. After 2.7km turn left into the forest.


Cala Liberotto

SS 125 direction Siniscola. Turn right after 12km and drive through Liberotto. Keep going until you reach the sea. Here you will find various bays with and without pine trees and the restaurant ‘Il Corallo’ situated directly by the sea. There is a Bungy Trampoline which everyone is welcome to use. Great fun and keeps you fit!

Cala Ginepro

From Liberotto drive 1.2km along the SS 125, then turn right. Continue straight ahead until you reach the camping site, then straight ahead towards the sea. At the back of the forest there is a barbecue area with tables and benches as well as a volleyball field. Ideal for families with small children. Here you can walk 200 metres out into the sea.


After five further kilometres on the SS 125 (direction Siniscola) you will come to this nature reserve (parking fee). It is a long white sandy beach, and no shade!

Cala Gonone, Cala Luna, and Cala Coloritze – see boat trips below.

Boat trips and deep-sea fishing

Cala Gonone – Cala Luna – Cala Coloritze

Licensed boats from the Marina Orosei will take you southwards to the beaches Cala Gonone, Cala Luna and Cala Coloritze – the Caribbean of Europe! – for approx. 20 euros per person.

Motor dinghies in the harbour of Orosei

can be rented for day and half-day trips. It takes an hour to reach the above mentioned beaches with the dinghies. On the way you can stop at any other beaches. This is not possible with the licensed boats.

Motor dinghies from Cala Gonone

Arrive at this pretty harbour village by car. We recommend a trip to the impressive Grotta di Ispinigoli. Opening times: 9 am – 12 noon and 3 pm – 5 pm. Hourly guided tours. From here, too, the above mentioned beaches can be reached by boat and it is possible to visit the Grotto del Bue Marino along the way.

Deep-sea fishing

In the evenings there are opportunities for deep-sea fishing with a local fisherman.

Further stuff


For archaeologists Sardinia is an extremely interesting island. Its history goes back thousands of years and there are many superb pieces of evidence that reveal the wealth of the past. There are still about 7000 Nuraghi Towers on the island. (The Nuraghi were the first native inhabitants of Sardinia). Phoenicians and Romans and thousands of people from other civilisations have inhabited this island and left their marks. In the vicinity of Orosei the following are with certainty the most important sites:

  • Tharros, an ancient Phoenician-Roman port near Oristano (on the west side of the coast)
  • Monte Tiscali in the Supramonte mountains. Tiscali is a nuraghic village which is hidden deep in the mountain floor. It can also be reached from the ‘Su Gologone’ spring.
  • Serra e Orrios is a well preserved nuraghic village near Dorgali.
    Various Giants’ Tombs, Nuraghi Stone Towers and Domus de Janas (houses of fairies) can be found in and around Orosei.

Scuba diving – Diving School

The Orosei Diving Centre provides opportunities for people to dive into the depth of the sea to enjoy the richness of the sea’s fauna and flora. Because of Sardinia’s agreeable climate (mild in the winter and warm in the summer with cool, light breezes) it is possible to dive all the year round.

Quad bikes

With these all-wheel drive two-seaters one can go just about anywhere. 80 euros per vehicle (subject to change). A great trip over rough terrain mainly along the beach. Bookings with us: Nino Pica.

Rent a bicycle

Ask us if you want to rent some bicycles.

Activities at our Residence

Massages: New this year is our Massage service. Alessia – an educated and certificated masseuse – comes two times a week in the residence. More information here.

BBQ: For a nice Barbecue in the evening, we provide several BBQ’s in the apartments or around our Residence.

Sauna: For the colder months is inside the residence is open a modern Finnish sauna / IR-equipped, ideal after sport and for a little ‘relaxation. The sauna can accommodate up to 4 people and the cost € 10.00 / person.